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Fabric that goes the extra mile.

We take pride in producing a quality heavyweight 100% cotton t-shirt right here in the USA. We will not compromise on our premium heavy t-shirts for men and we strive to bring our high quality tees to you at a reasonable price. You may not think of a super thick t-shirt as a good pick for your summer clothes collection but wait! The 100% cotton will breathe well and unlike those flimsy lightweight tees that stick to your body, these allow you to experience comfort along with a great fit season after season. Also: Be sure to check out all our short sleeve graphic tees, long-sleeve heavy t-shirts and solid color blank tees. Whether you are shopping for yourself or buying a gift, you will want to give the best cotton T-shirts you can find. You will appreciate the premium quality, custom vintage style designs and the great value offered exclusively at Heavyweight Collections.

Are you looking for the best quality t-shirt available for men? All our heavy tees are made usin  . . .

Code: HS400
Price: $20.00

Our Best T-Shirts for Men, now in the pro-fit style has a look and feel that sits  . . .

Code: PF400
Price: $20.00

These are the best heavy t-shirts you will find; made from a thick 100% cotton and made in the  . . .

Code: HS401
Price: $20.00

The clipper plane Trans Pacific t-shirt, is now available in the Tall-Fit version. With all th  . . .

Code: HST427
Price: $14.99

This New Evolution Surf T-shirt is a documentary on the evolution of the classic surf board  . . .

Code: PF419
Price: $25.00

Fans of the American Made Hot Rods, you have a new t-shirt to wear! The Flathead Hot Rods t-shir  . . .

Code: HS491
Price: $14.99

Kaisers Boardshorts from HIC - There is a tribal tonal block print mingled with a single solid c  . . .

Code: TR023193
Price: $58.99

New in the popular Island Camouflage print, these HIC Boardshorts are currently availab  . . .

Code: TR023183
Price: $54.99

When making your choice for quality men's fall fashion, our premium t-shirts are a simple decisi  . . .

Code: HL400
Price: $25.00

Iron Tapa gets it's name from the Tapa that originates in Tahiti and the Cook islands. The pri  . . .

Code: HLPF487
Price: $29.00

The beloved Honu Hawaiian Sea Turtle is now available on our Long Sleeve T-shirts. The Hawaiian  . . .

Code: HL433
Price: $29.00

Go Barefoot men's walk shorts. The 100% cotton twill includes a 55% ramie cotton combined with the  . . .

Code: 2324
Price: $37.99

Go Barefoot brand men's washed cargo walk shorts in a high quality stretch twill. Fabric blend o  . . .

Code: 724
Price: $39.99

We've brought the basic logo print onto a zippered hoodie for our mild fall evenings here in Sou  . . .

Code: FZ460
Price: $32.00

Floral Leaf graphic print is an old Hawaiian style print that will work for any occasion. The vint  . . .

Code: PF501
Price: $25.00