All American Road | USA Made Surf T Shirt | 100% Cotton

All American Road | Tall Fit | Cotton T-Shirt for Men

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All American Road is the premium t-shirt you have been looking for this summer.  If you have been a fan of Highway 1 that conjures up happy times at the coast of California, you will also love this one. Available in three fit styles, this is a larger spot print on center back of a high quality heavyweight men's tee with a smaller coordinating graphic on the front. Although the back graphic is large, it is not thick or stiff feeling. The ink is screened on nicely & professionally and it will last through many washings. Graphics for the discerning men who care about how they look, even on a casual day. 

All our tees are made in the USA and from a custom heavyweight cotton grown in the USA. The entire process of cutting, sewing, printing, packing, shipping is handled locally here in southern California. The sizing is not like any other and the tall fit is about 3 longer. Be sure to check out the tall fit size charts available on this page to determine the best choice. Returns and exchanges are costly in both time and money so let us help you out if you are having trouble deciding which fit style is best for you. 

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