Men's Heavyweight Tee | Palm Band | Pro-Fit -

Men's Heavyweight Tee | Palm Band | Pro-Fit

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Palm mini-band is a traditional graphic for the man who wants it simple yet stylish. It is subtle, not flashy, just a classic vintage style for a more sophisticated look and feel.

Our premium cotton t-shirts are made from a thick 100% natural cotton that we have produced in the USA. Each t-shirt is garment dyed to eliminate shrinkage and reduce the chance of fading. You can feel the quality from the very first touch. Sized with your comfort in mind, the pro-fit tee is cut a little closer to the body for a sportier fit. It is quite different from our classic fit style we are known for. Since we now have three fit styles to choose from, it is important that you check out the fit guide on this page to help you select the correct size.