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(Pre-order) Heavy T-Shirt Pro Fit | PF400

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April 2024 (EOM)

Expected release date is Apr 30th 2024

This product is a PRE-ORDER item. If your order includes this item, your entire order will be shipped out as ONE package on or just after April 30, 2024. This is when we expect to receive our inventory for this product. We strongly recommend that you do not combine pre-order items with items that are currently in stock. If your order includes both pre-order and in-stock items, all will be shipped out together when the pre-ordered items arrive and are ready for delivery. Thanks again for your support and patience.


Our Best T-Shirts for Men in the pro-fit style has a look and feel that sits closer to the body for a more streamlined fit. Some guys choose the Pro Fit to wear under a button down shirt. Although the fit is a bit more narrow it is still a boxy fit but the sleeves are more streamlined, you can still have the comfort of our thick cotton tee next to your body as the first layer.

Pro-Fit - Solid Colors

If you are looking for a thick white t-shirt, this is your best choice but our pro-fit tees are available in plenty of your favorite colors. This high quality tee is garment dyed to reduce fading and due to the nature of how it is manufactured, it will resist twisting, shrinking or distorting. The crewneck band will also resist stretching out and will not get saggy over time. The comfortable fit will feel already broken in so you will feel like it is an old friend right from the start.

Be sure to check out the size chart on the next tab. Compare the pro fit measurements to your favorite t-shirt to ensure that you order the perfect size for you personally. If still in doubt, watch the video on our SHIRT SIZE GUIDE to get help in measuring. These are a little less generous in fit than our classic fit tees but are approximately the same length. Even so, all our shirts are more oversized than the standard tube shirts you find in the stores.

Our heavyweight tees are created using a thick 100% cotton that is custom produced for us right here in the USA.  The super duty fabric is made to last but supports superior comfort. Quality and comfort is the goal and with our new size range, there is something here for everybody.


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