Tonal Hibiscus Hawaiian T-Shirt | Pro Fit -

Tonal Hibiscus Hawaiian T-Shirt | Pro Fit

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Pro Fit

Tonal Hibiscus heavy t-shirt is a traditional band print featuring Hawaiian floral and foliage. It is a simple but sophisticated t-shirt print that is perfect for men with discerning tastes who shy away from the flashy. Perfect for summer days or chilly evenings at the beach, on a cruise or a casual evening out with the family. The vintage feel of the print is as comforting as the heavy cotton fabric. Both get better with age. 

Available in all fit styles, be sure to check out the fit charts on each page to ensure you are getting the right size. Each fit style is quite different and all our shirts fit larger than the standard tees you will find in the stores. 

We recommend that you watch the video  found here in order to ensure the very best experience in finding your fit. 



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