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Heavyweight Tees are created from a high quality 100% cotton that we have custom-woven right here in Southern California but that is not the only unique factor that makes us so different. It's actually the fit-style that really sets us apart! Our Classic-fit tees are over-sized in the body and sleeves and the neck is snug so there's no stretching out or sagging. The Tall-fit tees are virtually the same in the sizing but have an extra 3" added to the length. Later, we created our Pro-fit tee that caters to our customers' request for a more narrow fit in the body and less fabric in the sleeves. These are a little more appropriately sized for those who'd prefer a thick quality shirt with more of a modern, standard fit.
Family owned and operated, we manufacture the t-shirts and sell directly to the consumer. This allows us to skip the middle market and offer a good value to the customer. Our Mission is to provide you with a high quality men's t-shirt that is made in the USA and available at a reasonable price.
We're located in San Clemente. A charming 'Spanish Village by the Sea' with a growing community that can be found half-way between Los Angeles and San Diego
It is a priority for us to thrive within our community while we support the use of American labor & materials. With each product we produce we aim to offer high quality for a reasonable price and set a precedence with great customer service.
We're located in southern California on the south end of San Clemente. Our retail store is located at the south end of the town known as Surfer Row. We manage all our operations under one roof with our office, warehouse and retail store centrally located for efficiency and convenience. We source from local sewing and printing facilities which streamlines our entire process, reducing the chance of costly delays in shipping and enabling us to pass on the savings to our customers. 
Our Story

Heavyweight Collections - the pioneer of the original heavy t-shirt.

By now you may have gotten acquainted with our premium quality brand of heavy cotton T-shirts for men. Previous brands include "Go Barefoot T-Shirts" and "Old Honolulu Trading Company". Our decades of experience ensure a consistent, strong commitment to you and to this "Made in the USA " brand of casual Men's shirts.

Your struggle to find a unique high quality t-shirt is over. We understand the agony of comparing shirts online. Because all cotton is not created equal, you need to know a few secrets to finding the best! Our professional and courteous team will take the guess-work out of it for you. You can be confident that we will send you the highest quality tee on the market today. Superior quality for a reasonable price; Now that is eye-opening!

Heavyweight T-shirts in three fit styles!

You'll be hard-pressed to find anything like these.

  • Classic Fit: Has a higher fit crew neck that will not stretch out. A boxy-fit body style with an off-the-shoulder roomy sleeve. Available in printed or blank tees.

  • Pro Fit: for men who like a more standard fit. More narrow in the body and sleeve than the Classic Fit. Available in the simple blank version and a small selection of graphic prints.

  • Tall Fit: Same basic style as the Classic Fit but about 3 inches longer in the body. Be sure to compare the fit guide before you buy.

Shop Online for your favorite men's tees. If you are local, let us know if you want to pick up your order. We will be happy to make arrangements for that and will take care of any shipping charges after you have picked up the package. Be sure to check in with us often to see how our T-Shirt collections evolve and grow. We look forward to seeing you here as you build up your collection premium t-shirts with us.


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San Clemente Store Hours:

We have re-opened our retail store in San Clemente.

Open Tuesday through Thursday 10am - 3pm

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3303 S. El Camino Real
San Clemente, CA 92672
Toll Free: (855) 452-0400

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