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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Heavy is your heavyweight tee?

    All our t-shirts are made with the same heavyweight jersey. Although we have three body styles (classic fit; pro fit; tall fit) we use the same heavyweight jersey to construct each design and body style. It is a USA 16/1 open end 100% cotton yarn, knitted, cut and sewn locally in the USA. The finished jersey fabric is a minimum 7.5 oz. Each jersey lot is inspected and tested to maintain the highest quality standard.

  • What are some of the other details of the tees?

    All heavyweight branded t-shirts are made from 100% cotton. The neck rib is knitted with 3% Lycra added for long lasting memory. Each shirt is garment dyed and pre-shrunk to match our fit chart size specifications. Self fabric neck tape sewn inside the neck from shoulder to shoulder with double needle top-stitch on the outside. Double-needle top stitch on sleeves and bottom hems. Printed neck label added for comfort.

  • Do you ever have free shipping sales?

    We have been known to issue coupons for reduced shipping but we almost always offer free shipping on all USA orders of $100.00 or more.

  • What are your coupons and how do you get one?

    At times we create a coupon offer. If you are on our mailing list, you receive an email with the coupon code revealed there. To start receiving our email notices, just go to the bottom of any page in our online store and enter your email address to sign up. We send about one to two email messages per month. We never sell your name or spam you.

  • Your sizing chart doesn't seem to correlate between inches and stated size. I have a 50 inch chest which is normally XXL but on your sizing chart has it listed as 28 inches. I'm hoping it works out I really like your shirt selections and the fact they're true heavyweight material. I'm not a fan of today's trend for ultra-thin material. I like my shirts thick for durability and a neater appearance. Thanks in advance for your response.

    We recommend that you get one or your own t-shirts that fits you well. Lay it on a flat surface and smooth it out like the images in our fit guides. Measure across the front chest just under the arm seam as shown on our chart. Then on the back side, measure from the ribbing seam down to the hem to determine the length. Compare those results with the measurements shown on our chart to determine the best size to purchase. Please check out the video below for more specific instructions.

  • I'm looking for a size for my 14 year-old son....I think a small might work.. he measures 20" across and 20" length he usually wears boys husky XL or men's medium but they are too long on him. Please let me know if you have a size that will work, Thanks

    Our shirt styles are over-sized and pretty large. They are not usually the style of tee geared for youth. You can, however, confirm by checking out our fit guide that will help you verify.

  • Are any of your shorts Made in the USA? I love your shirts that I have but can't help but support only USA workers especially now in this time of great need.

    We agree and seek to support all USA mfg. as well. We don't currently produce our own walk shorts but that is a goal we are working on. We will let you know when we get them produced and ready for launch.

  • I bought some of your shirts last February and really like them. But, I need a small and it doesn't seem like you have them in small sizes that correct?

    We do have size small tees but have less of a demand for them. We are starting to add in more of the smaller sizes now (summer 2012) for you to choose from. - - Update: We have added a new body style called Pro Fit that has a more narrow body to accommodate those of you seeking a high quality tee but in a more conventional fit We have them in solid colors with no print as well.

  • I just placed an order to be shipped to Richmond Va. It's a gift and I couldn't find a place to send it w/o invoice. Can there be a card included?

    We don't currently have a place at our online store to specify that but would be happy to take care of it for you. You can simply send an email message to or give us a call (855-452-0400) and we will include a custom made card in the package for you and exclude the invoice.

  • Can you please let me know when your going to have sales?

    Yes, we would love to notify you of sales, new arrivals and savings coupons. Just enter your email address at the bottom of any of the pages of our online store  and we will send you a notification. You can trust that we will never spam you or share/sell your address to anyone. You can unsubscribe anytime. 

  • Hi, How do you get the free shipping with a $100 purchase and more? I'm sure it is right there on the website , but I didn't see it.

    If you have merchandise in your shopping bag that totals $100 or more before tax, you will be offered a free shipping option upon check out. You still have the option of selecting other shipping methods but the free option will be the first one listed.

  • Your print patterns go all the way around back of tee shirt right?

    Yes, our mini-band prints are on both the front and back. We also offer spot prints that will have a large graphic on the back and a small rendition of the design on the front where a pocket would be. If you select a spot print, we will usually give you the option to see both sides of the shirt online.

  • Do you have a 10 oz plain white T-shirt-no logos?

    Yes, you can find our plain tees with no design here - solid colors

  • Hello! Do you ship t-shirts overseas?

    At this time, we only ship to a few international countries as well as the USA and Canada. If you believe we should ship to you, give us a call or message us and we will evaluate the possibility. We are adding new shipping locations often. 

  • I have long arms...what is the length of the arms for the Lg and Ex Lg long sleeve t-shirts? I sure appreciate the measurements listed for the short sleeve t-shirts...helps purchase the correct size. Thanks.

    Our long sleeve length is measured from the shoulder seam to the end of the cuff. 
    Large- 24.5" 
    XL- 25.5" 

  • Are the measurements you provide taken before or after laundering? I toss t-shirts into the washer and then into the dryer and I want them to end up approx. 26" wide and approx. 29" long. What size do you suggest I buy

    It sounds like you are a candidate for our classic fit size large. See our fit guides here to confirm. Our tees do not shrink. 

  • You have a store in San Clemente? Where is it and what are the hours?

    Yes we do. The retail store front closed due to the covid19 restrictions. We have not re-opened at this time. If you live locally we will go ahead and take your order online and allow you to pick up the order. Just go ahead and make a note when you place the order. We will give you a call when your order is ready and will refund any shipping charges for in-store pick ups. 

  • Are your heavyweight T shirts the same size as the ones you used to produce for Go Barefoot? I have several of those and want to judge the proper size for new ones.

    We are the company that produced the heavyweight t-shirts for Go Barefoot. Our classic Fit sizing is the same as the previous brand. Be sure to check out the fit guides to compare an confirm.

  • I have been trying to place an order for a shirt and every coupon code I enter says it is invalid. What's up?

    We issue coupon codes for specific sales periods. Each Coupon has an expiration date. I can only assume that you are using an expired one. Please join our mailing list to stay up to date on new savings coupons.

    • Thanks again for the prompt deliver of the four (4) shirts I ordered. The quality is by far the best I've seen seen. John

    • I have been wearing Go Barefoot T-shirts and asked for one as a gift for Christmas. I contacted them and they said they don't make heavy tees anymore. Are your shirts of the same quality that Go Barefoot used to be?

      Yes, We made Go Barefoot Tees when they were focused on the heavyweight variety. They have changed their focus to a lighter weight tee now. We still make the heavyweight tees in the weight and sizing that was previously sold by Go Barefoot.

    • Was Heavyweight formerly Old Honolulu?

      Yes, we produced the heavyweight t-shirts under the Old Honolulu label. We have now changed to Heavyweight Collections

    • I have been wearing the Go Barefoot T-shirts since I can remember, I know they have changed, are these Heavyweight t-shirts the same design as the G/B or is this an entirely different brand? I am a huge fan of the G/B and I now am in the market for a bunch of new T-shirts. Thanks

      We are the company that produced the heavyweight T-shirts for Go Barefoot. Our classic fit tees are the same as those.

    • Can you process orders for a size XXXL

      At this time we do not produce size 3X. Since our classic tees are over sized you may be surprised to fit into a 2XL. Please check out the fit charts and compare a shirt of your own. 

    • Do you have any heavy duty white tee shirts with just the small logo on the front and nothing on the back

      No, At this time we have sold out of those designs Previously we had a couple of embroidered tees that have a small emblem on the front and nothing on the back but we have sold out of those. Be sure to check back with us though. Our standard operating procedure is that we make t-shirts that end up being collector editions and may print a limited edition of a particular design.

    • I have purchased your T-Shirts at Chicks Sporting Goods which closed down some time ago. If I order directly from you and find there's something about the shirts I don't like when I receive them what is your Return Policy in that case?

      You can return for exchange or for a refund. See our Return Policy here.

  • I have forgotten my password again. I have tried clicking the "forgot password"link but I am not getting a response

    We have recently updated our online store and now the "forgot password" function works perfectly. If you purchased from us before but did not set up an account you will not have a saved password in the system. It is easy to set up an account now so just fill in your information and we will save it here for you so ordering will be easier than ever.