The Art of Folding a T-Shirt -

The Art of Folding a T-Shirt

Sep 25th 2011

Are you someone who has been frustrated by folding your unruly pile of t-shirts? They turn out wrinkly, are rarely uniform in their post folded state and often you spend a lot of time trying to do a good job only to be left with a heap of tees that 

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are no better than how they started. Well today, your troubles could be over! From across the sea, in Japan, I present the t-shirt folding solution! Check out the following video I found on YouTube: ( Japanese way of folding T-shirts)

Now, you may notice that this video is not presented in the english language

but the technique is pretty straight forward. Just give it a try. After you've practiced on a few t-shirts, you'll begin to understand how it works. In no time, you'll be a heavyweight t-shirt folding master yourself! If you find that you really want to hear the instructions in English – there is also a version for you here – (Japanese T-shirt folding in English) Actually there are plenty of versions there for you to watch, I am sure you can find an explanation of the technique that you favor.

Attention Parents: The above shirt folding technique maybe used as a tool to encourage your kids to help with the laundry. As with other training methods, you can make a game out of it! Include the whole family! It might just work on Dad too! I think I need some new t-shirts now.

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