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T-Shirts Made in the USA

If you're looking for high quality T-shirts for Men that are Made in the USA, you have found a great selection here. When building your collection of casual men's clothes for any season, you will find that these unique high quality tees fit the bill. Choose comfort, quality and for the sake of accountability, opt for American Made shirts. Knowing where your clothing is made offers peace of mind, as well as a boost to America's economy. Whether you are looking for a completely new wardrobe for yourself, for dad, brother, son, uncle or any other man that enjoys quality comfortable clothing follow a few simple guidelines to fill your closet with an outfit for every occasion.

One of the most important elements of a man's wardrobe is his collection of solid-colored t-shirts. Having a variety of styles and colors is the key to be smartly dressed for any barbecue, pool party or outdoor sporting event. Just like the gals, choose your colors based on what they look like against the tone of your skin. After you have found a few that brighten up your complexion pick a few men's crew-neck t-shirts that will really stand out and stand the test of time. For example, choose a hue that enhances the color of your eyes or coordinates with your hair color. Alternatively, choose a couple of whimsical shirts that showcase your personality. Whether a guy wants a humorous quote, a favorite sports logo or other descriptive logo, our American Made clothing line-up has a wide selection of high quality shirts to select from.


The next important step in choosing summer clothes for men that are made in the USA is to pick out the right shorts. Not only do you need to choose a pair that compliments your collection of American made t-shirts, but you must take into consideration your body type, personal fashion sense and comfort level. As with women's summer shorts, the selection for men range from shorter and a more snug fit to a longer and looser variety. Solid colors, stripes and other patterns are available to fit any taste or style. Try on a few different styles to see how you look and feel in them. Consider the activities that you participate in. For example, choose a looser style of boardshorts to wear at the beach and you will be able to dive for the volleyball or grab a pair of nicer walk shorts to impress at a casual nighttime pool party.


If you are the kind of man that likes to dress a little snazzier for gatherings, t-shirts can be made classier with the right choice of slacks or jeans. Pair a simple black t-shirt with a pair of nice-fitting jeans for a night out with the boys, and switch out your tennis shoes for a pair of cowboy boots or dress shoes to take your lady out dancing. A smart-cut vest and jacket fits well over a nicer high quality t-shirt for a daytime cocktail party, and they can be easily removed for when the formal festivities wind down to a more casual atmosphere.


No matter what type of personality you or the man you want to dress has, choosing summer clothes for men that are made in the USA is all about reflecting your personality. A guy's sense of style should always shine through, no matter what he is wearing.