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Autograph Collecting

Jul 27th 2013

Collecting autographs is a fun way to commemorate your meetings with famous that people you admire. You may focus on celebrities such as athletes, Hollywood movie stars, popular recording artists, stage actors, TV stars and authors. On the other hand, you may be more interested in getting autographs from prominent figures in other vocations, 1977 - Bill Clinton Autograph - Attorney General - Arkansas such 

as politicians or business owners. Some collectors enjoy getting autographs from people in multiple categories.

Autograph collecting is a great hobby that will provide you with priceless memories surrounding your excitement when you have met your favorite famous people.

Acquiring Your Own Autographs:

If you are a serious autograph collector, you may prefer to carry a small autograph book with you, instead of having to fumble for a piece of paper or a napkin when you run into a celebrity. Worse yet, you you are caught with nothing at all to write on so the celeb offers to sign your t-shirt. That may actually be pretty cool! You could have the tee framed up and displayed in your personal hall of fame! Autograph books are easy to find, however, and helps to keep your collection all in one place. There is a variety of sizes, colors and styles so you can choose one that best reflects your own personality.

One of the easiest ways to get an autograph is through a spontaneous meeting with the person. For example, you might run into a movie star while shopping in a boutique, or catch a performer backstage after a performance. It’s even easier to meet book authors. You simply attend a reading, such as at a bookstore, book club or at a college lecture. Bring your own copy of a book or purchase one at the store for the author to sign for you. Another way to add to your collection is to attend a political rally or other type of campaign event. You can often get the politician to sign an autograph for you while mingling or by waiting in a receiving line.

When personal contact will be difficult, you can write to the celebrity’s fan club or assistant and request a signed photograph. This is particularly useful when you think you will have little chance of getting to see the celebrity in person anytime soon. It’s polite to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope to return the autographed photo that you requested.

Buy Autographs:

Sometimes the only way you will be able to get an autograph of a famous person will be by purchasing it, such as when the person is deceased. However, it’s prudent to get a statement of authenticity, as some unscrupulous people will try to sell fake autographs. Buying an autograph may be less satisfying for you than obtaining it through personal contact, but it can still serve as a cherished memento of someone you admire.

Although it might be tempting to feel that you can always ask famous people for their autograph, it’s a good idea to check out the situation before you approach them in public. While many have a belief that famous people have put themselves in a position where they may be approached at all times, we need to be respectful, they are only people after all. For example, if a celebrity appears to be in the middle of a serious conversation in a restaurant, you might want to hold back and wait until he or she is leaving the establishment, rather than interrupting the meal. Just imagine how you would feel being imposed upon and how you would like to be treated decently yourself.

Happy Hunting! HWC

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