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Heavy Cotton Meets Heavy Metal

Mar 16th 2013

Here at Heavyweight Collections we take pride in our quality, American made product that stands the test of time. We believe in providing the hardworking American man with a t-shirt that is just as tough as they are. We are family owned an operated right here in California. So, when I came across CA based wildlife artist Ed McBride and his son 

Ed McBrides Metal Works

 Ed jr. at McBride's Metal Works, I couldn't help but see a connection. Ed, who moved to CA as a teenager, discovered he had a talent for transforming scrap metal into amazing sculptures. If you've ever visited Mammoth Mountain in CA, then you've probably seen his work in the main village, where a giant life sized grizzly bear snarls with realistic detail. Well known and renowned for his steel sculptures, vintage western style signage, and antique sculptured saws, Ed also makes fully functional barbecues unlike anything you've cooked on before. Dragon BBQs! Boasting a 9' height and 10 ' wingspan, this steel scaled beast has a belly full of slow cooked goodness no one could pass on and it even breathes fire! Original and timeless! Not unlike our heavy t-shirts, Ed's works of art are unique, built to last and created from a skill and craft that is being passed on through the family tree. This entrepreneurial family man has been creating quality American artwork for decades. Start collecting yours now!

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