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Heavy Duty Shirts for your Off-Duty Days

Feb 6th 2015

There is particular type of buyer that places an emphasis on unearthing the advantages and features of a product before they buy it. A T-shirt is among the most basic of staples that a man has in his closet yet it seems difficult to find casual shirts that fit perfectly and one that wears well.

It should be simple, t-shirts are everywhere you look. The problem is that if you want Premium T-Shirts, you end up spending too much for them and many times they just fall apart within a month of the purchase. The higher prices have been driven by the push to create the perfect t-shirt. We label them as "ideal," "favorite," "perfect" or "essential" yet they remain elusive. Many basic tees run somewhere between $10 and $30 for a mid-price shirt and can cost between $50 and

$150 for a more contemporary fashion brand. Luxury labels can go even higher for a single shirt.

Well, I say that perfection is all in the eye of the wearer! Some like a more fitted tee while others want it loose fitting in the body. One age group will want the fad or trendy feather weight tee and the more mature will want a heavy duty t-shirt. In fact, many guys who are able to wear tees to work in will prefer the 100% cotton heavy duty shirts over the light ones so they don't cling to the body and show will breathe better when they sweat. There are the long tail tees and the shorter shirt that will look a little more neat when it isn't tucked in. You may want a crisp clean look that can go under your sport coat or you may want a well-worn tee that looks like you have lived in it for years. It can be a really personal decision.

Whatever t-shirt style you are looking for, just be sure to look for quality. You can find quality at a good price if you keep your goals in mind. Check the neck line and make sure it isn't too limp. Look for holes in the knitted fabric and make sure it has good solid stitching. Unless you are just looking for a temporary fix for a one-time wear, stay away from the tube tees, make sure there are side seams. Pick something you will be able to be comfortable in whether you are working or playing. Your off duty days are important and you want to be comfortable while still looking put together well.

Let us know what style of tee you like best. Weigh in on the difficulty you have had when shopping for the best casual shirt for your taste.

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