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Right at home on Surfers Row in San Clemente, CA

Aug 9th 2011

America's number one Heavyweight T-shirt is right at home on Surfer's row in south San Clemente, CA. Recently added to South El Camino Real (an extension of the famous state highway 1 on the pacific coast), the new banners featuring local surf icons have brought that 'classic surf town' feel right to our doorstep.

Shop for surf clothes on the famous Surfer's Row in San Clemente, CA

Each banner has been dedicated to surfers and/or surf families that have been iconic in the evolution of the sport of surfing. San Clemente has been known as a classic surf town; filled with plenty of heavy hitters from the surf industry ever since the days when the San-o surf club first started taking form.

Now home to more professional surfers (per capita) than any other U.S. beach town, SC's reputation has endured the test of time and will always be associated with great waves, great weather and great surfers. If you haven't seen 'em, I suggest you take a drive down El Camino on a sunny summer day and check out all the familiar faces waving in the wind. Then stop by Heavyweight Collections' t-shirt store and try on some premium American made surf shirts, inspired by the good old days of summer and surfing.

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