Summer Clothes For Men - The Essentials -

Summer Clothes For Men - The Essentials

Posted by HWC on Jun 17th 2013

School is out around much of the USA, hot dogs are on, baseball season is in full swing; it is summer! Although some of our country is getting the end of a pretty difficult spring season of storms and rain, we all agree that summer is fast approaching. It is time to check in on your warm-weather wardrobe and lock up the winter gear. The most basic need for men in America is the t-shirt. It is an American essential that wears through the end of fall when you will reluctantly decide to switch it out for a long sleeve tee. Don't make the mistake of pulling out your old college tees with the 

Patriot - Summer Clothes for Men - Made in USA

 cheesy statements printed but faded across the chest. Get comfortable with some of our best selling summer shirts for men, keeping it classy but casual.

Whether you're a guy in need of a complete summer clothes overhaul or a gal looking to re-style the man in your life, we have a variety of styles and colors which is key to be smartly dressed for any barbecue, pool party or outdoor sporting event. If you are the kind of man that likes to dress a little snazzier for gatherings, t-shirts can be made classier with the right choice of slacks or jeans. Pair a simple black t-shirt with a pair of nice-fitting jeans for a night out with the boys, and switch out your tennis shoes for a pair of cowboy boots or dress shoes to take your lady out dancing. A smart-cut vest and jacket fits well over a nicer high quality t-shirt for a daytime cocktail party, and they can be easily removed for when the formal festivities slow down to a more casual atmosphere.

Choose Summer Clothes for Men that are Made in the USA. Choose American made both for quality, comfort, style and for the sake of account ability. Knowing where your clothing is made offers piece of mind, as well as a boost to this country's economy.

As previously stated in a Forbes Magazine Blog, to be a successful company who makes and sells products in America, you need a competitive edge or a uniqueness about your products. Heavyweight Collections offers a superior heavyweight t-shirt at a reasonable price. The advanced design is made in smaller batches that are monitored closely and personally by the owners of the company. We are able to see the process and approve the manufacturing steps at every level from cut/sew, dye and finally printing. Due to the custom nature of our t-shirts and designs, some of it requires a hands-on approach. Making the shirts locally allows to do just that, providing a high level of communication and manufacturing quality at every stage.

No matter what type of personality or sense of style you or the man you want to dress has, choosing summer clothes for men that are made in the USA is all about showcasing a person’s style and personality. A guy’s sense of style should always shine through, no matter what he is wearing.


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