Summer Shirts - what to Buy -

Summer Shirts - what to Buy

Posted by Heavyweight Collections on Sep 1st 2011

Now that the nicer weather is with us, its time to clear out your winter wardrobe and fill it with some new summer shirts. You can wear t-shirts and aloha shirts to any informal occasion, for just hanging around at the beach or casual social events.  heavyweight t-shirt with vintage boardsIf you go for a new stash of t-shirts, be sure to select a good quality tee. The neck should hold up to unlimited washings and the body should not look like a tornado hit it after the first time through the laundry.The side seams should be in the same position as they were when you bought the shirt and  the printed design should not twist around, crack or fade. Many of the cheaper t-shirts will shrink up in length making it look short and wide; the neck band will look stretched and wavy (bacon neck). If you are looking

 to take the new summer t-shirt collection from beach to evening occasions, you will want them to hold up under the pressure.  Adding a few button-down casual shirts is a good idea. They can be paired with a nice pair of  cargo shorts or with a casual pair of no-iron slacks. Having a nicer Aloha shirt will give you unlimited flexibility and then having some classic vintage style Hawaiian shirts will fill in the gaps. Wear these over a nice cotton t-shirt (jacket style) in climates that are humid and hot so the cotton tee can take care of any unsightly sweat.  In the breezy beach climates, wear light and airy Aloha shirts over those casual slacks with your leather sandals. You will be a hit in any situation.

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