The Heart of a Collector -

The Heart of a Collector

Posted by Luke Durkee on Jan 19th 2012

hat is in the heart of a collector? A true collector can be known to accumulate any number of things ranging from classic cars all the way down to old Pez dispensers. Collecting is a love or passion for something; some will go as far as calling it an obsession. A vintage car collector has a number of reasons for his love of a certain car or line of cars which can make his obsession unique from others. One automobile enthusiast might love a nice American made muscle car, while another prefers a foreign classic roadster. One could speculate that both collectors agree on the

1963 Plymouth Valiant - A Collector's dream

initial motive for being drawn to their love; the visual aesthetics. The curves, the chrome and smooth paint jobs are all a part of what initially turned their heads. Some car aficionados couldn’t care less about the engine, they just love the way it looks. Others look for the function and reliability of the machine. Either way, a vintage car is a piece of art. When we make our t-shirts we think of the process in a similar way. The first glance is always extremely critical so we keep it fresh with unique new art. Then, upon further inspection; when you pick up our heavy t-shirt, you can tell that it is not like other shirts. Our 100% American made heavy tee is all about function. Our thicker woven cotton thread confirms the high quality of the t-shirt and contributes to it lasting for many years to come. They become softer with a little age and each shirt slowly becomes like an old friend. There are guys that have collected this tee over several different brands throughout the decades. Their closets have sections that enclose the different categories of these precious collectibles. One area will protect those shirts that should no longer be worn; another that houses the limited edition variety. Maybe there is one that you received as a gift to commemorate the vacation of a lifetime or an amazing surf contest that you attended. Ultimately, it is the look that draws you in first but the time honored, quality shirts that have proven fit and function makes for an item worth collecting.

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