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Wine Collections

Posted by HWC on Jul 10th 2013

Wine is an interesting item to collect. As you know, it gets better with age and proper storage is a must. The wine lover will know all about the grapes; how and where they're grown, when they are harvested, how they are processed, etc. They will study how the variety of different grapes are blended to achieve the ultimate transformation into their favorite wines. The Wine Collector When it comes to storage, you will find that there are many options to choose from. I ran across an article posted on "Mashable Lifestyle" that had research on the different wine racks and how cosmic they can get. The award for the most impressive wine rack that I have personally seen goes to "Aureole", a restaurant located inside the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. They describe it in their own words . . . "Designed by pre-eminent restaurant designer Adam Tihany, Aureole's visual trademark is

a four-story wine tower with its very own Wine Angel Stewards, who gracefully ascend the tower to retrieve bottles. Guests can search the 3,200 bottle touch-screen wine list, which includes a 1961 bottle of Chateau Petrus valued at $4,500." It is a sight to see and is quite amazing!

Although I would not be considered a wine connoisseur, there a few vintners that I have preferred over the years. I mostly like the California wines but love to try a new one when the opportunity presents itself. I will say, it can be a little disappointing when you can't readily find that favorite vintage in your local area anymore. I guess that should be motivation to take a drive up the coast of California and visit the vineyards.

Another option (although there are many) is that you can shop for whole wine collections that have gone up for sale. This can occur when a restaurant is going out of business or has been sold or maybe you could find an estate sale. A friend of mine scored a few rare bottles this way and of course these exceptional finds always come with a good story. You can sometimes locate these offers at the forum for Wine Spectator's Magazine or on their website. A simple search on the Internet turned up numerous sources for starting or buying a wine collection.

Do you have a good story to go along with your collection? We would love to hear it. Touch base with us and let us know about your collection or your favorite vintage. Maybe you have a favorite place to go for a wine tasting. Join in the conversation . . .

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