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Back to the Basics: Good Clothes for Good Guys

Posted by Guest: YMA on May 4th 2017

The Men’s Classic T-Shirt Made in America, Still Going Strong

It is still possible to find a classic t-shirt made from quality materials right here in the USA. Heavyweight Collections is standing by their tried-and-tested approach to making straight-forward men’s t-shirts, without flashy graphics or advertisements, that customers have loved for decades. So don’t worry, guys, your good quality tee is still out there.

Locally Run, no Middlemen, Fair Prices

Based out of San Clemente, California, this family-owned and operated company sells directly to the consumer. Their online store, which cuts out the middle-man wholesaler, allows them to keep prices fair and focused on quality. They like to keep their operation extremely local, even having their cotton woven in their home state, Southern California. The office, warehouse, and retail store of this business all live under the same roof in the small coastal town of San Clemente. In addition to their signature heavyweight cotton men's t-shirts, they also sell a line of men’s casual clothes, including Aloha shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, and sandals. Quality matters to this small company, whether considering the type of cotton they use, the consistency of the cut, or their customer service.

It’s All in the Cut and the Fabric

Heavyweight Collections differs from other men’s t-shirt companies in the unique fit of the tees that they offer and the caliber of the cotton they use. Their flagship style is the 1970’s-inspired classic tee made of sturdy, high-quality cotton. They have a few different fit styles, each offering a rugged, thick cotton built to last, not stretch out or wear quickly. Their original shirt, the Classic Fit tee, offers an over-sized body and sleeves with a snug neck line. This is also available as an extra-long version, the Tall Fit, with three extra inches of length in the torso. They’ve modified the Classic Fit to add an option with a more fitted torso and shorter sleeves, the Pro Fit.

A Personal Approach

The company represents a small operation that focuses on the customer. Their website,, offers a series of videos helping the client figure out what size and cut of shirt will work best for him, explains the manufacturing process, and shares personal testimonials and real customer questions in the FAQs section. They encourage customers to contact them with questions and feedback, and invite shoppers to visit the retail store at company headquarters.

The T-Shirt’s Humble, Distinctly American Roots

According to the Wall Street journal, the t-shirt’s global popularity started as an undershirt for military men over 100 years ago. It was eventually popularized by actors such as James Dean and Marlon Brando who represented the style of the average blue-collar American. It became an essential and beloved piece of the American wardrobe, particularly paired with jeans, as society shifted toward casual clothes.

The Outsourcing and Tampering with the Classic TeeHeavy Duty Classic Cotton Tee for Men

Nowadays clothing companies are competing to offer the “perfect American tee,” some boasting the bonus of their product being manufactured in the USA. As fashion has been influenced by technology and globalism, the familiar cotton t-shirt is frequently made instead with polyester or mixed fabrics, and is constructed in countries like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, often under less-than-ideal working conditions. The cut has also changed, shifting toward a variety of modern styles that veer away from the utilitarian cut of the classic men’s t-shirt. More and more, consumers express bewilderment by the increasingly complicated search to find the basic t-shirt that has been a staple of their wardrobe for decades.

For Those Seeking a Classic All-American Tee

Heavyweight Collections markets to the customer seeking the classic, familiar cotton men’s t-shirt and for whom quality matters. Their shirts offer a neat-looking, sturdy product. Their emphasis is on quality in the material they use and a distinct classic style. They have added desired styles to their line in response to customer feedback, while maintaining their original staple. This shirt is great for a man who likes a neat look in his basic t-shirt, and appreciates a locally-owned company and an American-made product.

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