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​Buy Quality T-Shirts; not disposable ones

Posted by HeavyTshirt.com on Aug 31st 2016

T-shirts are a dime a dozen. Men's closets are full of them. But finding a t-shirt made from heavy, quality material that fits well and is manufactured locally is nearly impossible. Until now. Our company prides itself on producing premium t-shirts that are made in the USA. As soon as you put one on, you will see and feel the difference.

Bid Flimsy Farewell
Hot summer days and trendy blended content t-shirts do not mix well. Usually the result is a shirt that has awkward sweat-stains and clings to all the wrong places leaving you feeling uncomfortable. We have the solution with our over-sized boxy fit premium t-shirts. The ultimate in casual wear, our shirts are comfortable yet stylish. Check out our  detailed fit guides to ensure your quality shirt fits to a "T".

Say Hello to Heavyweight
We are serious about t-shirts. Not only do our premium t-shirts fit like you want, they are crafted from quality material and made in the USA. Fabric that is heavy and durable and will wear well whether at work or at play. Often, blended cotton t-shirts that attempt a closer fit are made from thin, flimsy material that stretches and does not last. Our shirts are made from a heavy 100% cotton that is garment dyed to reduce fading and shrinking. These quality t-shirts hold their shape will quickly become your favorite casual garment.

Local, Local, Local
Our commitment to quality extends to the manufacturing process, not just the final product. All of our premium t-shirts are designed and made in the USA. You can feel good knowing that you are supporting business and jobs right here in our country.

Not only do we manufacture our t-shirts here in America, we promote efficiency and cost saving practices. By offering our t-shirts directly to you, we eliminate the middle man.

Rincon - Men's Heavy T-Shirt

Casual is the go-to look for off duty men these days so a well stocked casual wardrobe is a must and high quality t-shirts are an essential element of the casual wardrobe. If you are a guy who is tired of the flimsy blended cotton t-shirts with loud logos and boisterous slogans you will love our superior men's t-shirts. With an excellent, loose fit and made from heavyweight fabric right here in the USA, our t-shirts are crafted with care and available at a reasonable price. Once you have experienced these premium t-shirts, you will never go back.


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