Get your Money's Worth from a T-Shirt -

Get your Money's Worth from a T-Shirt

Posted by Fabian Marquez on Apr 18th 2012

When You Want To Get Your Money's Worth From A T-Shirt

Most people have fallen into the trap of believing that buying a T-shirt means that it will last a few months before it needs to be thrown out. If you put a lot of wear and tear onto your T-shirts this is indeed what you can expect if you buy lightweight shirts. The material in light T-shirts is too thin to withstand heavy handling, and this includes frequent washings.

If you engage in a lot of sports and enjoy wearing T-shirts to play them, you'll want something that will last. If you're a boxer in the ring, for example, and are putting on your Everlast boxing gloves, you won't know whether your T-shirt will get you through the entire round if it is one of those worn down lightweight versions. Heavyweight T-shirts aren't only for 


 heavy weights however, since lightweights wearing boxing gloves need a T-shirt that can stand up as well!

If you're not a person that takes on a lot of activity and you simply wear T-shirts around because they are the most comfortable thing you could possibly put on, you'll still want to invest in heavy T-shirts. These shirts are able to endure frequent washings so that you can get years of wear from them. Every time you wash a lightweight Tee you don't know if you'll be retrieving a shirt with a hole in it or have the confidence to run it through the dryer knowing that you'll pull out a T-shirt that is still intact and holding its shape well.

Heavier T-shirts are manufactured with much more care and are able to hold their shape even when exposed to harsh treatment and multiple washings. There is more attention to stitching detail, fabric content; overall construction and you'll notice that the T-shirt continues to look like new even after you've worn it for months. Regular tube woven T-shirts don't look the same after only a few washings and this is evident immediately when you try to fold them right out of the dryer. They simply don't look or fold the same after you've worn them just a few times.

If you want to get your money's worth out of a T-shirt the only way to do it is to purchase one that is constructed with a heavier fabric and with quality in mind. This is especially important if you fall in love with a T-shirt printed with a special pattern, logo or design that you'd like to keep for the long haul. How many times have you purchased a lightweight T-shirt that you have fallen in love with only to see it fall apart or lose its shape quickly? Not only is it heartbreaking because you have spent money on it but it's also sad to see a shirt that you love loose its luster before its time.

If you are an active person and wear boxing gloves to battle an opponent, ski gloves to hit the hills or biking gloves to enjoy a day of cycling, you'll get your money's worth by investing in heavy T-shirts. Even with relaxation or solitude in mind you will see your money as well spent by purchasing heavier shirts that can withstand multiple wash cycles throughout the life of the garment.

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