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​The Long Sleeved T-shirt, Every Man's Fall Wardrobe Essential

Posted by HeavyTshirt.com on Oct 13th 2016

Ah fall. There are so many things that are wonderful about this season – cooler weather, October fests, pumpkins, and long sleeve t-shirts. Yes, wearing a good long sleeved t-shirt ranks right up there with anything else fall has to offer. Just when you are tenderly putting your Heavyweight Collections short sleeve t-shirts into hibernation, we have come out with a selection of quality long sleeved tees. After all, the t-shirt is a classic part of a man’s wardrobe, why shouldn’t you have a great option suitable for the colder months?

So why exactly are long sleeve tees a men’s fall wardrobe essential? The reasons are numerous, but here are 4 big ones:

1. Layering – Whether over a short sleeve t-shirt or under a sweater, a long sleeve t-shirt is a great way to add an extra layer of warmth. And if you really love layering you could always go for broke by attempting to best the Guinness World Record for “Most T-Shirts Worn at Once.” That record would be 257, by the way.

2. Comfort – This one is kind of obvious: it’s a t-shirt with long sleeves after all. No other shirt is more comfortable and perfect for an evening at the beach, a hike through fall foliage, or a night by the bonfire.
3. Versatility – T-shirts are typically considered a more relaxed style. But even the most style conscious would agree that a plain long sleeved t-shirt matched with a leather bomber jacket is a stylish and put together look.
4. Cotton, cotton, cotton - 100% cotton is a superior fabric. Its breathable nature is good for your skin. Cotton is also durable, low maintenance, smell resistant, and holds its shape. All of our men’s t-shirts are made from 100% cotton. With our long sleeved tee, you can embrace cotton all year round.

Our fall long sleeve t-shirt offerings include options for all three fit styles including Classic Fit, Pro Fit, and Tall Fit. Our men's t-shirts are designed to hold their shape – no clingy, misshapen shirts here! All of our shirts are made from garment dyed local custom spun cotton and are built to last.

Style for Miles
One of our most popular long sleeve tees is the basic Classic Fit heavyweight t-shirt. Free of logos or graphic print, this versatile garment comes in over fifteen different colors and is guaranteed to be your new favorite go-to shirt.
The weather is cooler, but that’s no reason to stop celebrating and living the surfing lifestyle. We now have several styles of favorite surfing t-shirts in the long sleeve style including Old School Surf and Surf Pier. Or maybe your thing is motorcycles or Hawaiian shirts. We have the shirt for you, just check out the Go Fast Vintage Bikes or Vintage Hibiscus long sleeve tees.
We take our prints as seriously as our fit. No loud, splashy logos here. We are confident you will love our brand and don’t need to announce our name on every piece of clothing we craft. Instead, we aim to represent you. Now you can find the great prints you love in the long sleeve style.

Leap into Fall
Embracing life with enthusiasm leads to happier days. So enjoy those cooler evenings, October fests, and pumpkins. Hey, maybe for you embracing fall means creating a bat signal jack o’lantern for your kid. Whatever your fall passions, you can be ready for anything with our men's t-shirts. With our long sleeve t-shirts in your fall wardrobe you can leap into the season with comfort and style.


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