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T-Shirt Trends in 2024 - The Heavyweight Shirt

Posted by HeavyTshirt.com on Jan 29th 2024

We at Heavyweight Collections already know that the original heavyweight tee is a timeless classic that every guy has loved at one time or another in their lives. We brought back this classic in the mid-90's and have worked to keep it the same ever since. 

It is the ultimate Old-School shirt and it is the very best quality you can find out there. This true American icon will remind you of the shirts you wore in the 1970s but these oversized tees are even better. 

What is a Heavyweight Tee Anyway?

You can tell right away that you have found a heavyweight. If you ever shop the second-hand or thrift stores for vintage t-shirts, you may come upon one accidentally. You will feel the quality and may even be surprised by the softness. 

The fabric today is woven with a larger number of threads that will be woven more tightly and finish as more dense. A true heavyweight will come in at about 7.2 to 7.5 oz per square yard. The weight and the hand of the fabric can vary but all will have a sturdiness that is sure to impress. 

In the years that we have developed the fabric, we have found that if we attempt to soften the feel of the fabric our customer views it as a lighter weight shirt. We have determined that the die hard fans will select the more sturdy feel over the softer fabrics every time. Over time, with washing and wearing, the fabric develops a softer feel but not the kind you get with chemically changing the hand of it in manufacturing. 

How about this fit? 

The shirts from HeavyTshirt.com come in three fit styles. All are oversized but some more than others. 

The Classic fit tee will be a more relaxed oversized fit with drop shoulder seams. The crew neck is high and tight like the shirts from the 1970's.

It is imperative that the shopper compare the measurements of this tee with a good fitting tee that they already own. It is so over-sized that we get requests for returns/exchanges when the buyer does not take notice. The long sleeve tees are beloved by the ones that grab them up as the sleeves are long enough and the fit is just timeless. 

The Tall Fit tee is similar to the classic fit. The only real difference here is the length of the body and the length of the sleeves. As you compare the fit guides, you will see that the body width is very close to the same as the classic fit tee. 

The Pro Fit tee was born out of the younger guys asking for a little different fit style. The body is a little more narrow and the sleeves will be less full. These still have the drop shoulder and the high/tight neckline. 

All three fit styles will have a printed neck label for comfort and all are made from a 100% pre-shrunk cotton. They are garment dyed to reduce the chance of fading. The neckline on these beauties will not sag over time.  

Heavyweights or Featherweights?

The trend is heading towards the heavyweight tees for several reasons. Some are not really something you can explain but there are a few hints that we believe are causing the swing. 

The fabric is stronger and lends a structured fit. The trend started with the older set of guys who didn't like the tissue style fabric clinging to the body, the wavy hems and sagging necklines. They would get holes quickly and just look kind of junky while they were pretty new. 

The heavy tees respect the body keeping things a little neater and not clinging. The cotton fabric breathes better and absorbs the heat so the comfort level is measured. The sturdy fabric is quite a bit more durable and long-lasting. It will not readily develop holes and will not twist or sag. 

The trend is developing with the younger guys is simply that the heavyweights are fashion forward. They are turning to the heavyweight in the oversized fits. They are layering the heavyweights for a stylish look and are seeing the benefits of the higher quality shirts. You simply get more for your hard earned money. 

We Would Like to Hear From You

Have you tried a heavyweight tee? What are your thoughts? We know that the heavyweights are taking the fashion scene by storm. We hear from our customers in other countries that they can't get enough. We are noticing more retailers selling these as cool new custom tees and are thinking you may want to get in on the trend right away. 

When we first set out to become the best Made in USA men's clothing brand, we didn't realize how fast the trend would move towards our heavyweight tees. It is our humble opinion that it is not simply a trend but a movement.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have and would love to hear your story. Send us a message at customerservice@heavytshirt.com or just give us a call. 

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