Vintage Woody Car Crest - Classic Fit T-Shirt

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Our Woody Car spot print - local Shield - became a favorite summer t-shirt upon first release. Now it has returned in Classic fit along with a few in the long sleeve version. There is a small graphic on the front chest pocket area of the t-shirt and a large vintage style graphic at center back. The family crest style shield features our woody wagon headed for a long summer day at the beach.

All our heavyweight t shirts are constructed using a heavyweight 100% cotton tee and are all made in the USA. Our premium men's t-shirts are garment dyed in order to reduce the chance of shrinkage or fading. They are custom made and are later inspected by us personally. The generously sized cut is finished to a full size larger than you are used to buying in the stores and our Classic Fit is the most popular fit size in our collection. Be sure to check out the Fit Guide to ensure you get the fit you are looking for.

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