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Beer Bottles | Size and Color Make a Difference

Posted by Heavyweight Collections, Inc. on Oct 31st 2015

Beer has been around for centuries and for sure this beverage will continue to be with us until the end of time. The secret behind a beer's taste does not only revolve around the ingredients a brew … read more

Vintage Bottle Collections

Posted by Heavyweight Collections, Inc. on Oct 28th 2015

Traveling along with The History Channel's American Pickers as Mike, Frank and Danielle scour the backwoods of American looking for hidden treasures, and bantering back and forth with Barry, Darrel … read more

Choosing a Modern Collector's Item

Jan 14th 2013

We've all heard of the Beanie Baby bonanza in the 90's, the Cabbage Patch doll craze in the 80's or maybe you still have that binder full of Pokémon cards. Many of us never had any idea how fast co … read more

The New Vintage Collections

Dec 13th 2012

While shopping around this year I have noticed an increase in "new" vintage style items popping up in retail stores. Could it be that people are seeking out those types of items more these days? Co … read more